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A DUI charge is a serious offense that can have severe consequences, including fines, a driver's license suspension, and even jail time. As a result, it's crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced Clackamas County DUI attorney on your side who can help you navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. 

Clackamas DUI Charges 

Clackamas County takes driving under the influence (DUI) charges very seriously and enforces strict penalties for those convicted of this offense. If you are charged with a DUI in Clackamas County, you may face fines, a driver's license suspension or revocation, probation, court-ordered substance abuse treatment, and even jail time. The penalties for a DUI conviction can be severe, and it's crucial to have a skilled attorney on your side to help you navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. 


In Oregon, including Clackamas County, the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit for drivers is 0.08%. If you are arrested on suspicion of DUI and your BAC is determined by a breath or blood test to be .08% or above within 2 hours of operating a vehicle, you will almost certainly be charged with a DUI. It's important to note that even if your BAC is below the legal limit, you can still be prosecuted for DUI if there is evidence that you are impaired by drugs or alcohol while driving. When facing DUI charges in Clackamas County, it's essential to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney who can help protect your rights and defend your case in court. 


Where is the Courthouse in Clackamas County? 


The Clackamas County Courthouse is located in the county seat of Oregon City, Oregon. The courthouse is situated in the heart of downtown Oregon City at 807 Main Street. The courthouse houses several departments, including the Clackamas County Circuit Court, which handles civil, criminal, and family law cases. The Circuit Court also has a Juvenile Department that handles delinquency, dependency, and termination of parental rights cases involving minors.


In addition to the Circuit Court, the courthouse also houses the District Attorney's Office, which prosecutes criminal cases in Clackamas County. The courthouse is open to the public during regular business hours and offers a range of services, including filing court documents, paying fines and fees, and accessing court records. Visitors to the courthouse should be aware of parking restrictions and plan accordingly, as parking in the downtown area can be limited. 


How a Clackamas DUI Attorney Can Help You 


If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Clackamas County, Oregon, it's important to seek the help of an experienced DUI attorney such as Chris Trotter with Trotter Law. He can provide you with valuable legal guidance and representation throughout the legal process. Here are a few ways that a Clackamas DUI attorney can help you:

1. Protect Your Rights

A DUI attorney will ensure that your constitutional rights are protected throughout the legal process, including during any interactions with law enforcement, the district attorney's office, and when you appear in court.


2. Understand Your Charges


A Clackamas DUI attorney will explain the charges against you and the potential consequences of a DUI conviction. They will also help you understand the legal process and what to expect at each stage. 


3. Build a Strong Defense


An experienced DUI attorney will investigate the circumstances of your arrest and develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific case. This may include challenging the results of sobriety tests, contesting the validity of the traffic stop, or questioning the reliability of witness testimony. 


4. Negotiate on Your Behalf


A DUI attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf, which can reduce your charges or the potential consequences of a conviction. 


5. Represent You in Court


A DUI attorney will represent you in court and present your defense to the judge or jury, including if the case goes to trial. They will also cross-examine witnesses and challenge the prosecution's evidence. This can be a complex and intimidating process. Having an experienced lawyer at your side each and every time you stand before a judge will greatly reduce your anxiety, and more importantly, greatly increase the odds of a favorable outcome to your case.


6. Minimize the Consequences


Even if you are convicted of a DUI, a Clackamas DUI attorney can work to minimize the consequences, such as reducing fines or negotiating alternative sentencing options. Chris Trotter can also determine whether you are eligible for the DUII Diversion Program, which affords participants the ability to have their DUI charge dismissed upon successful completion of the program.


Possible Ways to Win Your Case 


Being charged with a DUI can be a daunting and stressful experience, but there are several possible ways to win your case or reduce the consequences of a conviction. One option is to challenge the evidence against you. DUI attorneys may be able to argue that the results of sobriety tests or breathalyzer machines are unreliable, or that the police officer failed to conduct the tests properly, which can lead to the evidence being excluded from the case. Additionally, they may challenge the legality of the traffic stop that led to your arrest, which can result in the exclusion of any evidence obtained as a result of the stop.


Another possible strategy is to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution. This can involve reducing your charges or negotiating alternative sentencing options, such as community service or a diversion program. The Clackamas County DUI Diversion Program is an option for some first-time DUI offenders. This program allows eligible individuals to complete a series of requirements, such as attending alcohol treatment classes, and in most cases, using an ignition interlock device, in exchange for having their charges dismissed.


If you successfully complete the program, you can avoid a DUI conviction and many of the associated consequences. As mentioned above, if your case ends up going to trial, a DUI attorney can represent you in court and present a strong defense on your behalf. They can cross-examine witnesses, challenge the prosecution's evidence, and argue your case to the judge or jury. 


Get A Quality Clackamas County DUI Lawyer


Winning a DUI case or reducing the consequences of a conviction requires a thorough understanding of the legal system and an experienced DUI attorney. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Clackamas County, don’t walk the path alone. Let Chris Trotter utilize his experience to help you get the best outcome for your case.

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